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Knowing what to look for when purchasing bathroom and kitchen faucets

There are several variables to consider when selecting new tapware for your kitchen or bathroom. With so many various designs, styles, features, and finishes to choose from, it’s reasonable that some consumers get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of available alternatives. It is crucial to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality when purchasing tapware, as seen below. This article will teach you the most critical details you need to know when selecting new tapware, enabling you to add the finishing touch to your newly renovated kitchen or bathroom.

Two critical aspects to examine are compatibility and functionality.

While it’s natural to get sidetracked by the style and look of your tapware, it’s vital to evaluate the compatibility and use of your tapware before making a final selection. When creating a new bathroom or kitchen from the ground up, you may choose whatever tapware you choose. If, on the other hand, you are renovating or just replacing an old tap, you will need to buy tapware that is suitable for your bathroom or kitchen’s plumbing and dimensions.

bathroom and kitchen faucets

Is it feasible to determine how many tapware holes have been drilled into your sink or counter previously? Is it essential to have anything towering over your basin, or would you rather have something hanging on the wall? Which location is most convenient for you: in the middle of the sink or on the side? Additionally, the suitable tap should match your own tastes and expectations. 

If you do a lot of cooking and cleaning, you may want one with a lot of movement and flexibility to ensure that water is delivered precisely where it is needed. You could even create a built-in hot-water dispenser if you have a lot of time on your hands. The bottom line is that regardless of how appealing a faucet seems if it does not fulfill your needs and criteria, it is not the right faucet for you.


Given that the pricing of mixers and three-piece tap sets are almost the same, the design of your kitchen or bathroom tapware area will play a significant role in determining which style to pick. The primary distinction between the two is that a mixer is a more modern, all-in-one device, whereas a three-piece set is a more traditional design that includes two distinct taps and a spout. In the United Kingdom, mixer tapware is so-called due to the way hot and cold water are combined. 

A specially designed lever controls both the flow of water and the temperature of the water – vertical motions control the flow of water, while horizontal motions control the temperature. In a three-piece system, one tap is dedicated to cold water, while the other is dedicated to hot water; the third tapware is dedicated to both. Each of them is independently adjusted until the desired temperature and flow are reached.

bathroom and kitchen faucets

Styles and finishes are critical factors to consider.

The next stage is to narrow down your design and feature options. Then you might examine various styles and finishes. To begin, whether you’re changing bathroom or kitchen faucets, it’s always a good idea to coordinate your new faucet with any existing fixtures in the area. In other words, if all of your bathroom accessories have rounded corners and are chrome-plated, selecting a black square mixer may not be the best design choice (but, hey, it’s your bathroom, so do whatever you want!). The majority of the taps available at Tile and Bath Co have a polished chrome finish, which makes them extremely durable and visually appealing.

Knowing what to look for when purchasing bathroom and kitchen faucets

Additionally, we offer a variety of colors and finishes for our faucets, including black, grey, white, rose gold, and antique bronze. Your tapware should complement and enhance your current d├ęcor in terms of form and quality. Elegantly arched spouts add an air of sophistication to any bathroom and look fantastic in chrome or rose gold. Short square taps have an ultramodern design and look best in powdered black or bright chrome finishes. Visit one of our locations to receive expert advice on bathroom or kitchen design.

WATER PRESSURE Prior to considering tapware styles and functions, you should ascertain the water pressure in your home. In Australia, water pressure varies by household, and this variation affects the flow of water from the tap. While the vast majority of tapware is designed to function properly and efficiently with low or normal water pressure, certain kitchen and bathroom faucets require a higher water pressure to function properly and efficiently. 

Knowing your household’s water pressure before you begin shopping will help you avoid incompatibility issues and allow you to make any necessary plumbing changes prior to installation. If you have any concerns about your home’s water pressure, it is always prudent to consult a professional plumber.


All of The Sink Warehouse’s bathroom and kitchen tapware features ceramic disc technology. Two ceramic discs are used in place of the conventional rubber washer and feed pipe in this technique. Water will flow through the faucet only when these slots are aligned, giving you significantly more control over the flow of water while also increasing the faucet’s efficiency. In addition to conserving water, ceramic discs are more resistant to wear and tear and are designed to last a lifetime without needing replacement.


In-built water filter tapware gives an instant supply of clean water, which is significantly more handy than having to change Brita-type cartridge filter jugs on a regular basis. As previously indicated, the filtration system is designed to be put under your kitchen bench and may be linked to either your new faucet or a separate fitting close to your existing tapware, depending on your option. After installation, you may enjoy pure water at the push of a button, which is very helpful for busy individuals. Filters should be replaced about every six months due to their ease of replacement. Certain filter faucets even provide hot or cold filtered water!

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